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Corporate Wellness

Employee stress is quickly being identified as one of the biggest expenses for businesses. Between lack of retention due to burn out and frequent missed work due to illnesses, business can't afford not to address wellness in the workplace.

If stress is managed appropriately, and businesses show they are invested in the wellbeing of their employees, the entire culture of a company can change. Let me help you make this shift.

We will sit down together and identify strengths and weaknesses in your overall wellness culture and create an individualized plan to make a happy, healthy workplace that both you and your staff enjoy being.

  • Employee stress management trainings
  • Executive stress management trainings
  • Structural changes to promote wellness
  • Anonomous employee surveying to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Education about stressors, work performance and health
  • Help promote work-home balance
  • How to bill insurance